Exhale CompanionΒΆ

Welcome to the companion website for Exhale. The purpose of this website is to give a simple example of what your Library API could look like if you follow the start to finish directions to get things hosted on RTD.


The webpage you are viewing used the html_theme of alabaster in conf.py.


This was built using Exhale version 0.3.6.

This example repository has different versions built for you to get an idea of how things might look.

The ExhaleCompanion repository has three builds to demonstrate the different options with respect to creating a Tree View, as well as details of specific HTML Theme choices:

HTML Theme Choice

TreeView Created

ExhaleCompanion Docs

RTD Theme


Sphinx RTD Theme Documentation Status

Bootstrap Theme


Sphinx Bootstrap Theme Documentation Status



Alabaster Theme Documentation Status

Make sure to view the Extension Setup and HTML Theme Setup for the different versions, as they vary slightly (e.g., bootstrap gets more supplied in the exhale_args portion of conf.py).