Class BaseClass

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Derived Types

Class Documentation

class BaseClass

A fully documented class for inheriting from.

Subclassed by arbitrary::DerivedClass< T, N >, arbitrary::DerivedClass< arbitrary::arbitrary_struct, N >, arbitrary::DerivedClass< bool, 2 >, SomeOuterClass

Public Functions


The default constructor for this class does not exist, as some_data must be initialized.

virtual ~BaseClass()

The default destructor; does nothing.

virtual void virtualMethod() = 0

A pure virtual method with a brief definition.

Which is then followed by a more descriptive “detailed” definition.

virtual unsigned int getData()

The value of this BaseClass’s protected data.


The value of BaseClass::some_data

Protected Functions

BaseClass(unsigned int data)

The only constructor available, initializes some_data.

  • data: The number of some_data this BaseClass represents.

Protected Attributes

unsigned int some_data = 0

The value of something important.